Animal Rights and Vegan Advocacy

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What We Offer


Help for Beginners

If you are considering veganism or want to know how to get started, we can introduce you to this thoughtful way of living and link you to the best online resources.

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Tools for Advocacy

This site provides unique features for animal rights and vegan advocacy not found anywhere else on the web. Use these features as tools to become a more effective advocate and activist.

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We have taken our presentations on the road and are working with local groups to facilitate and host various talks for the general public and for activists.

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Free JFA Handbook

An Annual Publication Free in E-book Format

The JFA Handbook will be produced annually from site content starting in 2019. It will be available printed, as well as in free e-book format. All of the articles in the Basics Section and Objections Section will be included. In addition, new articles from the Blog Section and other sections will be selected for inclusion.

Articles on this site are continuously updated as better arguments are conceived, newer pertinent information is discovered, or information on the site is deemed to be misleading or false. The annual handbook will reflect these improvements.

Why Vegan?

Veganism is first and foremost a way of living that is fair and just to animals. In addition, the bonus benefits for health, the planet, and the impoverished are substantial and should not be ignored.


For the Animals

Veganism is a way of living that avoids harming others as much as possible and practicable. It is a commitment to nonviolence.


For Your Health

A plant-based diet reduces the risk of many diseases, while eating animal products contributes to obesity and poor health.


For the Planet

Animal agriculture is a major contributor to greenhouse gases, pollution, and other forms of environmental devastation.


For Human Equity

The global animal-based food system is inefficient, contributing to worker abuses, impoverishment, and physiological harm.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for animal rights and to promote veganism as a way of living that embodies justice and fairness for all sentient beings.

We promote veganism not as an end unto itself but as the means to a world that is more fair and just, more compassionate and healthy, and less devastating to the earth that sustains us all.

We do this by providing resources, tools, and educational opportunities for pre-vegans, vegans, advocates, and activists.

Want to Help?

If you would like to contribute, as a researcher, graphics artist, software developer, or in any other way, then:

You can also use the email address to report any bugs or problems with the website.

The highest principle of animal rights is . . . 

“The philosophy of animal rights stands for, not against, justice. We are not to violate the rights of the few so that the many might benefit. Slavery allows this, child labor allows this, all unjust social institutions allow this . . . but not the philosophy of animal rights, whose highest principle is justice.”    Tom Regan

It’s all the same . . . 

“Animal rights, gay rights, human rights   it is all the same battle, fought on different fronts. We are all living beings. We possess a desire to live, love whom we choose, and deserve to live free of brutality and oppression.”    Dr. Holly Wilson

No fundamental difference . . . 

“There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness and misery.”    Charles Darwin

Veganism is a means, not an end . . . 

“It’s not that I refuse to support industries that hurt animals because I’m vegan. I’m vegan because I refuse to support industries that hurt animals.”    Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Site Features

Site Feature

Talking Points for Advocacy

All posts in the Objections Section and the Rebuttals Section, and other posts where appropriate, are organized into talking points.

The talking points in a post are reflected in the top-level headings for the Article Tab, the top level nodes in the Outline Tab, and the capitalized headings in the Clipboard Tab.

Using the show/hide features of the outline will help you commit the talking points to memory.

Advance through the images on the right to show the Tabs, or go to any post in the Objections Section to see this feature in action.


Site Feature

Copy to Clipboard for Rapid Response

The simplified version of an article under the Clipboard Tab makes it easy to respond to social media and forum posts that present fallacies about animal rights and veganism. Copy the text to the clipboard with the click of a button, and then go to your target and paste.

The copied text intentionally lacks the web-page formatting that complicates the process of copying and pasting.


Site Feature

Outlines to Help You Explore and Retain Information

Outlines present a structured way to explore a topic. They provide talking points or structure in a manner that facilitates learning and committing items to memory.

For committing information to memory, think of each nonterminating node in the outline as an implied question, against which you can test yourself before clicking to reveal the answer in the child nodes.

Outlines often contain more detail than can be found in the article, yet you can stop at any level in the outline and the information presented at that level will still be meaningful.

Clickable buttons let you expand and collapse the current node or all nodes. Click on the title to expand to the first level.

See example . . . 


Site Feature

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is created by combining the outlines from several sections of the site into one large outline. Once all the Basics Section articles and Objections Section articles are completed, it will provide a fairly broad body of knowledge for vegan advocates.

As articles get written, they will automatically be added to the Knowledge Base.

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Site Feature
Advanced Search Results

In order to be more useful, the search-results page will show the section of each post as well as the title.  The search engine uses advanced algorithms to speed the delivery of the results page.

The search results are ranked by relevance and weighed based on title, URL, section, tags, and all the tabs of content.

The engine uses sophisticated techniques, such as keyword stemming, fuzzy search, and synonym matching.

Screenshot 2017-01-15 17.36.15

Site Feature
Mobile-Device Ready

All the features of the site, including talking-point outlines and copy-to-clipboard, are available on mobile devices.

 On mobile devices, tabbed content is transformed into a show/hide accordion-style presentation to ease navigation.