Animal Rights and Vegan Advocacy

Announcing the Free, Annual JFA Handbook

The JFA Handbook will be produced annually from site content starting in 2019. It will be free in e-book format but also available in a printed version. All of the articles in the Basics Section and Objections Section will be included. In addition, new articles from the Blog Section and other sections will be selected for inclusion.

This will be a valuable resource for advocates, and it will also help those interested in becoming vegan. The free e-book will be downloadable from the site and other sources. The Kindle e-book will likely be ninety-nine cents, the minimum Amazon allows. The pricing for the printed version is yet to be determined, but we will keep it reasonable.

Articles on this site are continuously updated as better arguments are conceived, newer pertinent information is discovered, or information on the site is deemed to be misleading or false. The annual handbook will reflect these improvements.

Behind the scenes, most of the code has been written to generate the e-book. A few transformational filters and some CSS are all that's lacking. Producing the book will require some manual manipulation after the content is generated, but this will be kept to a minimum.