Animal Rights and Vegan Advocacy

Meet the Team


Greg Fuller

Birmingham AL

Greg became an ethical vegan and animal rights activist after learning of the injustices we inflict on other sentient beings. His vision for this site has evolved to include Unique Tools for advocacy that he wanted but couldn't find elsewhere.

His career as a web developer enabled him to build the features and unique tools for advocacy available on this site. His training in art has been helpful in the design of the site, and his education in philosophy has helped him keep his bearings.


Isaac Nickerson

Seattle WA

Isaac is a committed vegan and dedicated animal rights activist. As an organizer for the Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma branches of the rapidly growing international group Anonymous for the Voiceless, he spends a good chunk of his time off work preparing for and participating in outreach efforts.

Lucky for us, Isaac is also a professional copy editor. Although he has little time left after his other activist engagements, he somehow finds the time to lend his talents to JFA, providing edits for clarity, best practices, Chicago Manual of Style compliance, and the eradication of those pesky and embarrassing mistakes. His efforts will raise the site's level of professionalism.


Aruna Mahadevan

Sunnyvale CA

Aruna is a lifelong vegetarian, and has been an ethical vegan since 2012.  She enjoys cooking traditional Indian dishes, hiking, and is active in various social justice and animal rights causes.

As a software test engineer, she is able use her skills to find bugs and problems with this web site, so that we can fix them.  She also helps with proofreading and research.

Past and occasional contributors: Carolyn Blackman, Jan Garret, Debbie Malek, Wayne Rongey, and Camilla Forti