Animal Rights and Vegan Advocacy

Educational Presentations

If you would like to host one of my presentations on veganism and animal rights, please contact me, Greg Fuller, at

Some of the presentations are targeted toward nonvegans, some are for vegans, and some would be of interest to both.

I spend most of my time traveling around the US engaging in various forms of animal rights and vegan activism and giving the presentations shown below where I can find a host.


An Introduction to Veganism (Presentation)

By Greg Fuller | March 7, 2018

This presentation is for those curious about veganism or new to veganism, as well as for seasoned vegans who want to learn more. The talk is designed to influence non-vegans to give it a shot, to strengthen the ethical resolve of health-motivated vegans, to bring vegetarians to ethical veganism, and to provide a broad overview of veganism to the curious. (more…)

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Effective Vegan and Animal Rights Advocacy (Presentation)

By Greg Fuller | March 5, 2018

This presentation provides tips and techniques specific to veganism and animal rights advocacy, as well as some general suggestions for effective communication. It will address how to avoid common mistakes and also provide pointers on answering objections. (more…)

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How Our Food Choices Impact Humans, Animals, and the Planet (Presentation)

By Greg Fuller | March 1, 2018

What we put on and leave off our plates has profound consequences on the wild and farmed animals on the planet, the health and welfare of the humans on the planet, and the health of the planet itself. This talk presents the latest research on these topics, and explains why animal agriculture is so devastating in all these areas   and why plant-based eating solves or mitigates these problems. (more…)

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