Animal Rights and Vegan Advocacy

Announcing the “Meet the Team” Page

This post contains the contents of an email sent to Team-JFA, and is of interest only to Team-JFA or those who have an interest in volunteering in the future.

From: Greg J Fuller <>
Date: Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 11:25 PM

Hello all,

I hope you got the previous email on the new JFA email address. If you haven’t read it, please read that email first, or this email might seem a little out of nowhere.

I started the “Meet the Team” page, but I need some information from each of you to complete it. The profiles are in the order in which you expressed an interest in helping, with those that have already contributed first. Have a peek, and don’t panic until you come back and read the rest of this email:

First, the profile pictures. I snuck around and found some. Most are good. I couldn’t find any single-face pictures for Sarah, because she’s such a social animal. David, your picture is a little dark, unlike your personality. If you are unhappy with yours, or your name is Sarah, please send me a head and shoulders picture that would be at least 400px by 400px after I crop it. It can be larger.

You can look at my and Aruna’s writeup see how the text will go. First is a short paragraph about your path to veganism, and your AR and social justice or other charitable activities in the past or present. The second paragraph is something about your unique skills and how you will contribute or have contributed to this site.

I ask you to write it in first person, and provide a little extra information. I will take from or select from the information you provide and write it up in third person. I hope to get the page done by Friday, so please try to get me the writeup and/or picture by Wednesday or Thursday.

When that gets done I’ll put it on the “more” menu and let you know. If you don’t like something I can change it.

The next email will be about workflow, sources with citations, and outlining. Here’s a teaser:

The software we’re using is Oasis Workflow.

Our standard workflow for a new post is depicted in the image below. Don’t be afraid, it will actually simplify things. Really. It will. I hate the phrase “trust me” so I’m not going to say it.

We’re laying the foundation. Good things are happening. –Greg