Animal Rights and Vegan Advocacy

JFA Site To Do Lists

The following needs to be done before the site goes live (except for items in the “Future Features” tab.)  This page will be removed from the menu before the site goes live.


  • done. Features text on front page needs writing.
  • done.  Finish “Guiding Principles”
  • Write JFA Website Guidleines
  • Write Contributor Agreement
  • Finish Basics Articles
  • Finish Objections posts
  • done. Establish Volunteer / Contributor Page
  • done. Show Consolidated Outline
  • Develop Presentations
  • Decide on sidebar content.

Site Mods

  • Design
    • done. Colors  need work.  Need to be unified.
    • Design slide templates (after site colors unified).
    • done. Several spacing problems in CSS.  Mostly minor.
    • Design and implement site icon.
  •  Outlines
    • done. Write program to consolidate all outlines into one master outline.
    • done. Some top-margins too large in some instances.
    • Add ability to control(option) click on + and – to expand/contract all levels under the one clicked on.
  • Search
    • Ignore certain types of posts in search results.
    • done. Show search results by Section.
    • Establish search synonyms.  Cruelty = harm, etc.
  • Accordion
    • done. Fix quirky scroll when accordion is open and closed.
    • Replace show/hide technology with one that allows for targeted urls.
  • Objections
    • done. Add “Show all objections” to objection single page
    • done. Enable cross-linking within the objections category (open accordion node rather than go to single-page.
    • Finalize Filter Categories
    • Add ajax search filter to objections listing page
    • Accentuate chosen filter
  • Pages
    • done. Add a Volunteer Contributor Page
  • Server
    • done. Implement Caching
    • Move to non-shared host
  • Slides
    • Change display technology – MS server seems unreliable.
  • Other
    • Establish tagging
    • done. Turn off comments.


  • done. Move search icon on mobile menu down.
  • Objections footnote click scrolls up not down.
  • Share buttons are not hidden for a post when specified in admin that they be hidden

Future Features

  • Searchable Memes
    • Contributed from front end uploads
    • Curated to not publish inappropriate memes
      • Mean spirited
      • Inconsistent with our philosophy
      • Factually incorrect or exaggerating
      • Poor graphics
  • Annual JFA / Vegan Handbook
    • Published each year with content parsed from this site.
    • Free in PDF Form
    • Charge printing cost for printed version
  • Objections widget available to other advocacy sites
    • Could be embedded with…
      • embeddable javascript
      • wordpress plugin
  • Handouts
  • Slide Downloads for selected posts
    • Requires a common slide template
  • Non-profit store
    • T-shirts
    • buttons
    • handouts, etc


  • Test on other browsers and devices.
    • Test responsive (mobile).
    • I’ve tested on Safari Mac, and a little on Chrome and Firefox.
    • IE and MS Extra needs testing.
    • Android
    • Opera has problems, but not a priority.


  • JFA Site Global Plugin
    • Create structure
    • All new q&d fixes would go here
    • Migrate existing code
      • Migrate php/css/js from child theme into plugin
      • Migrate only code that is not about styles
    • Establish revision names
      • Place revision names in php/css/js
  • Show last revision date instead of published date
    • Show on every page.
  • Question mark help