Animal Rights and Vegan Advocacy

New Justice For Animals Email Address

This post contains the contents of an email sent to Team-JFA, and is of interest only to Team-JFA or those who have an interest in volunteering in the future.

From: Greg J Fuller <>
Date: Mon, Apr 15, 2017 at 9:24 PM

I have set up the email address to facilitate better communications regarding all matters JFA. My personal email remains

Please confirm that you got this by replying, so I’ll know it didn’t go to your junk folder. Also, please add it to your contacts for future anti-junk routing.

You will soon get two more JFA emails from me. The first is some information on the new “Meet the Team” page. That’s right, you’re going to be exposed or credited, depending on your perspective, unless you object. You’ll get the URL in the email.

The second is about the new workflow system we’re implementing, and how it will help us track status, handle assignments, facilitate cooperation, and allow you to directly edit posts.

The second email will also provide some information on outlining, research, citations, and proofreading. Things haven’t always gone smoothly because my thinking is evolving, our workflow is unique, and some of the concepts are out of the ordinary. Clarity is coming.

For those of you who have already contributed, thank you much. Thanks for being patient with me as we find our way through this to make it a truly unique site with high standards of integrity, sound sources with proper citations, truly useful tools, and a “just right” tone.

For those coming on board, thanks for being willing to pitch in to make this happen. As we move forward, I’ll get an idea from each of you as to how much time you can contribute. If at any time you can’t contribute further, that’s OK, just let me know.

Good things are happening. –Greg