Animal Rights and Vegan Advocacy

Progress on the Technical Side

At the expense of making progress on the content, the last week or so has seen some intense activity on the site software development.

Here is a list of some of the work:

  • Knowledge Base.  The code is written for the Knowledge Base.  Also, each post outline has a link to the knowledge base, and each outline in the knowledge base has a link to the corresponding article.
  • New Search Results Page. I totally rewrote the PHP search results page template.  The search results are listed in a two column table that will scale well for mobile.  I put in some special logic to only show section and title, and to give priority to certain sections if a post was in more than one section. For example, the Copenhagen cheese post is in blog and rebuttals, but it shows up in search as a rebuttal.
  • New Search Icon and Pop up.  Because the sidebar doesn’t appear on every page, and because on mobile the sidebar slides under the main content, I thought it good to put a search icon on the top bar, where it’s always available. The theme does not support this, so I had to do a lot of coding to make it work.  My previous attempt, with the search icon in the navigation bar did not work so well.
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons.  I spend a lot of time evaluating plugins for social media sharing.  I decided on Social Pug and bought the pro license.  I could not find any the ultimate product, so I had to make some styling a coding changes to make the icons appear where and how I wanted.  There are some quirks with the Facebook scraping, but it mostly works. Hopefully it will work out and I won’t have to go down that road again.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Email. These are set up and  ready to go.
  • Public Beta Notification Window.  Edit: No longer used. You will observe a notification window in the bottom left corner. I started with a plugin and made a lot of mods to get it working.  We will wait until most of the articles are done to go live, but before that time we can open the site up for viewing.  The notification on the home page is not enough, because a visitor could enter the site on any page.
  • SearchWP. I activated the advanced search plugin, and configured it.  The default search capability in WP sucks, so I bought a SearchWP license.
  • Design Tweeks.  I made 15 or 16 css design changes.

As you can see, everything takes exactly “a lot of time.”

When you enter the site, you may find the front end password has been disabled temporarily.  This is necessary to test site with the Facebook scraper, and for various other reasons.

IMPORTANT:  If you test Twitter, please delete the tweet immediately. If you test the Facebook social share, please the change the scope to “Only Me” in the lower left of the pop up.  You can then go to FB and delete your post.   The FB share will not work if the front-end passwords are active.