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Progress Update for Team-JFA

This post contains the contents of an email sent to Team-JFA, and is of interest only to Team-JFA or those who have an interest in volunteering in the future.

From: Greg J Fuller <>
Date: Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 3:41 PM
Subject: JFA Update

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to send an update on the progress of the JFA Site.

After a period of spending too many hours on my day job, I have now cut back considerably. I’m now back to working more than 40 hours a week on the JFA site.  This will accelerate the pace of progress.

We now have a professional copy editor on board!  I’m sure he would recommend using exclamation marks sparingly, but the previous sentence deserves one. I had the pleasure of meeting Isaac Nickerson during an Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV) event. He is an organizer for AV Seattle.  As a professional copy editor he is intimately familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style, nuances of American English, and, of course, copy editing. I’ll be updating the “Meet the Team” page soon to include him.


The Site Guidelines post is now up  it’s currently being copy-edited by Isaac.  It is much lengthier than I originally thought it would be. There’s likely to be some rework driven by Isaac’s recommendations, particularly in the area of style standards and writing. Also, I will be making some changes in the work flow for research.

As the guidelines state, “these site guidelines serve the purpose of encouraging good practices, advancing credibility, promoting consistency, encouraging quality, establishing expectations for volunteers, providing answers to likely questions, conveying the intentions of the founder regarding how the vision of the site is to be realized, and facilitating the production of the annual JFA Handbook.”  They have been too long in coming, but I feel they are critical to the success and professionalism of the site.


A number of small tweaks have been made to CSS and other visual elements.

I coded the capability to download outlines from WordPress, so round-trip outlining is now a reality. Logged in users can download outlines that are compatible with our outlining tool  the Atom Editor with the Folding Text package. So now if you want to use the outlining tool to make substantial changes to an outline that has already been published and/or modified in WordPress, you can download the outline, make the changes, and paste the outline back into the post. This will make authoring and revision more efficient.


I’ve started writing the code to generate the Annual JFA Handbook from the contents of the site. I’ve passed the proof-of-concept phase and now know it’s doable. I also designed a temporary cover for the handbook, shown in this announcement post, which conveys some details about the book.


The focus is on content now. I’m in the process of rewriting existing articles to comply with the site guidelines.  After that, I will continue on to the other articles.

Before too long, you will get another email on how you can help.  I hope it hasn’t, but if your life situation has changed and you can no longer contribute, please let me know and I’ll remove you from the team and the email list  no problem.


Thank you all,   Greg