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Fact Sheets Listing

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Fact sheets provide support for a variety of assertions that are commonly made in advocating for veganism and animal rights. Each fact sheet consists of one assertion followed by summarized citations of supporting evidence for that assertion. Use the Share button near the top of each fact-sheet page to share a link or the entire fact sheet as plain text.

Stay tuned for opportunities to author fact sheets for this wiki.

There are 11 pages in the Fact Sheet Section. Some pages may appear in more than one topic.


  • Honey, Bees, and Pollination

    • This article addresses several aspects of honey as it relates to veganism and animal rights, including whether honey is vegan and how we might handle the topic in conversations.


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  • Choline

    • This fact sheet supports the assertion that choline from animal sources is not necessary and may be harmful to health.


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