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== Your Animal Rights and Vegan Wiki == 
The Justice For Animals Wiki is an encyclopedic, collaboratively developed resource useful for animal rights and vegan advocacy and outreach. We already offer useful content, but we are just getting started.
* [[JFA Wiki:About| More About the JFA Wiki]]
* [[Help:Writing and Editing for the JFA Wiki|Writing and Editing for the JFA Wiki]]
We use the same software platform as [ Wikipedia], but unlike Wikipedia, all articles are written in the context of animal rights and veganism, with an emphasis on information that is useful for advocacy and living vegan.
Like Wikipedia, we place importance on supplying credible sources for factual statements that are not general knowledge.
And also like Wikipedia, users can write new content and edit existing content. See[[Help:Writing and Editing for the JFA Wiki | Writing and Editing for the JFA Wiki]].
== Search ==
The fastest way to find information on this wiki is to start typing in the search box at the top of every page. For non-mobile devices, you can begin typing as soon as the page is loaded—no need to click first. For mobile devices, you may need to tap inside the search box to start.
As you type, suggestions are provided for hits with the most relevance. If you don't see what you want in the suggestions list, then hit enter or select "containing…" to bring up a search results page.
== Listings ==
Listings allow you to browse articles. There is a link to each listing in the sidebar.
* [[All Articles Listing | All Articles]] lists all articles in the main namespace, organized by type of article.
* [[Beginner Listing | Beginner]] articles provide a good starting point for those new to veganism.
* [[Replies Listing | Replies]] articles provide reasoned responses to common objections, concerns, and questions regarding animal rights and veganism, organized as talking points.
* [[ Summaries Listing | Summaries]] provide concise information on a variety of topics, with emphasis on the aspects of the topic that relate to animal rights and veganism. Summaries will be what makes this site encyclopedic. We are just getting started with summaries.
* [[Fact Sheets Listing | Fact Sheets]] provide support for a variety of topics commonly used in advocating for veganism and animal rights.
* [[ Tables Listing | Tables]] contain tabular information that can be included in other pages.
* [[ Notes Listing | Notes]] are for tidbits and lists of information that don't qualify to be an article.
* [[ Archives Listing | Archives]] hold information from other sources that are included in this site for reference purposes.
* [[ Blog Posts Listing | Blog Posts]] are mostly about the wiki site itself.
* [[ Drafts Listing | Drafts]] are work-in-process articles not ready for publication. They are not in the main namespace and not searched by default.
== Information ==
The information on this site is usefully organized, evidence-based, and non-hyperbolic.
=== Usefully organized ===
The site is organized into the kinds of information we use in advocacy—basic information, objections to veganism, facts to back up assertions, and summaries of various kinds. This way of organizing also inspires discovery and learning.
The further division of information in each section into the topics of ''animals'', ''ethics'', ''earth'', ''health'', and ''humanity'' provides a uniform structure to help you get to the information you are interested in.
=== Evidence based ===
When we present a piece of information as fact, that information should be based on credible supporting evidence, not conjecture or unsubstantiated claims. We provide citations or links to credible sources for factual statements that are not general knowledge. We minimize using animal rights organizations for sources in cases where believability would be an issue to a non-vegan audience but not because the information is inaccurate.
=== Non-hyperbolic ===
Hyperbole and sensationalism are not welcome here. The case for animal rights and veganism is strong, and the objections are weak. There is no need to exaggerate.
In talking about the cruelties inflicted on animals, the reality of what's happening may seem to be an exaggeration when it is not. It's especially important that when we make claims that may seem hyperbolic but in fact are not that we are able to back up those claims with supporting evidence.
== Contact ==
We can be reached by sending an email to [].
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