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Note: For the site to function properly, this template must be included in every page in the Main namespace except for tables.
Note: In addition to documenting the template, this page provides the actual template, which you can't see unless you edit the page.

This template provides meta information used in various places:

  • Page Listings
    • The meta-title and meta-description fields are used in page listing on this site via the Dynamic Page Listing (3) template.
  • Page Titles
    • The meta-title field is used to replace the title that is displayed at the top of the page. This replacement is done through javascript and only affects the display of the title. To avoid confusion, the meta-title here should not vary much from the real page title from which the URL is generated. But it can include punctuation not allowed in the real page title. Changing from the real title should be limited to:
      • Periods at the end—if the title is a sentence.
      • Spellout out words into contractions, but only where contractions sound more natural: cannot becomes can't.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • The meta-title, meta-keywords, and meta-description fields are place in Meta Tags for SEO.
  • Facebook
    • The meta-title and meta-description" fields are used in Facebook sharing.
  • Twitter
    • The meta-title and meta-description (? not sure yet) fields are used in Facebook sharing.


This template depends on the WikiSeo extension being installed and loaded.

Usage and Parameters

For the site to function properly, this template must be included in every page in the Main namespace, except for Tables. If you place a jfa-meta template in a table, and the table is included on another page, nothing on that page will display after the table.

Place the template toward the bottom of the page after the Meta heading, and after any text under the Meta, heading but before any category tags.

| meta-title = This is the title of the page
| meta-keywords = keyword1, keyword2, keyword3
| meta-image = {{filepath:{{PAGENAME:File:your-file-name.png}}}} [note: a reasonable default is provided]
| meta-description = A description of the page goes here, and  
can be wrapped to multiple lines. Take care to leave a space 
at the end of each line. And also be sure and leave off
the vertical bars on second and subsequent lines.