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Justice for Animals - Outreach

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Justice for Animals - Outreach is an animal rights street movement loosely partnered with They show bystanders the realities of animal agriculture and teach them the only alternative: veganism.

They currently operate in the US states of Washington, Oregon, and California, but you can do their activism anywhere and join their network. For more information, see their main Facebook page or their state groups below.

Facebook Presence

JFA - Outreach maintains a Facebook page as an umbrella page for its operations. Each region in which they have a presence has its own Facebook group, as shown below.



Outreach Cards

When JFA - Outreach does their street outreach, they end their conversations with bystanders by offering them resource cards. These point to and a few documentaries. If you'd like to use this card design to order your own cards for activism (as part of JFA - Outreach or otherwise), use the image files below.

Front of Card

Back of Card

Organizational Values

The values of JFA - Outreach are key to why their movement exists. Below are those values in the organization's own words:

  • Non-violence. We are non-violent in word, action, and thought.
  • Animal rights, not welfare. Animals need freedom, not bigger cages.
  • Intersectional awareness. Although we focus on animal rights, we're intolerant of all discrimination—not just speciesism.
  • Inclusivity. We need everyone who's willing to stand with us—even if they're not yet vegan.
  • Autonomy. We need everyone who wants to organize activism to do so.
  • Creativity. Passion and effectiveness—together—create change. Every effective idea is welcome.
  • Education. Those who don't know can't do better. Let's inform.
  • Factual accuracy. The truth needs no embellishment.
  • Togetherness. Our strength is our connectedness, numbers, and teamwork.
  • Respect for non-vegans. Respect for animals doesn't mean disrespect for humans.
  • Action. To not exploit is simply inaction. To prevent exploitation needs action.
  • Animals first…then also environment, health, and human impoverishment. Animal rights is the strongest door to veganism, but every door should be kept open.
  • Justice AND compassion. To some, veganism is justice; to others, veganism is love. That's fine.
  • Representation. Because big decisions affect everyone.
  • Make activists, not just vegans. veganism leads to non-exploitation, but only action leads to more vegans.