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Mission and Guiding Principles (2018-01-15)

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The mission of Justice for Animals is to provide a body of knowledge useful in animal rights advocacy and outreach, whether you are actively engaging with others on the street or discussing any aspect of animal rights or veganism with inquisitive friends, family, or acquaintances. The articles on this site are also useful for those considering veganism.

We strive to provide information that is non-hyperbolic, evidence-based, and usefully organized.

We promote veganism not as an end unto itself but as the means to a world that is more fair and just, more compassionate and healthy, and less devastating to the earth that sustains us all.

Respecting Our Audience

We believe that we must show respect to those we are asking to go vegan. We are not our most effective at influencing behavior if we are condescending, rude, shaming, or hyperbolic.

Quoting Others and Using Their Materials

We don’t have to fully agree with everything a person or organization does or says to quote them—or to use their materials to advance the cause of justice for animals. That’s not to say we don’t carefully weigh the decisions involved.

Citations and Attribution

We attribute where appropriate. But we recognize, for example, that we can’t credit Donald Watson every time we use the word “vegan”—and we can’t credit H. Jay Dinshah every time we use the word “abolitionist” in the context of animal rights.

Related Movements

To the extent that they advocate for a vegan diet, we encourage related movements, such as the whole-food plant-based movement embodied by Forks over Knives and Plant Pure Nation and the environmental movement undertaken by Cowspiracy. We would like to work with the members of these groups to move the ones that do not consider themselves ethical vegans in the ethical-vegan direction.

Distraction-Free Site Design

We strive to keep this site…

  • Simple and well organized
  • Free of annoying, automatic pop-ups and notifications
  • Free of animations and videos that start automatically
  • Free of large, gratuitous images
  • Free of advertising