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Note:Anger and discomfort with vegans

From JFA Wiki

In what may be the the best and most extensive analysis yet of why people are uncomfortable, annoyed, or even angry around vegans, a February 2020 BBC article[1] titled "The Hidden Biases that Drive Anti-Vegan Hatred" breaks it down.

Here is a quote from the article that best summarizes its contents:

"According to Rothgerber, people tend not to think of meat eating as an ideology. The dominance of meat eating around the world helps the omnivores among us to avoid the idea that it’s a choice – it’s just what everyone else is doing. But when a vegan turns up at a dinner party, suddenly we’re bumped out of the comfortable 'mainstream diet' category and into the unsettling 'meat-eating' category. By their mere existence, vegans force people to confront their cognitive dissonance. And this makes people angry."


  1. Gorvett, Zaria. “The Hidden Biases That Drive Anti-Vegan Hatred.” Accessed February 5, 2020.