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Regenerative Grazing and Grass-Fed Claims (2020-10-30)

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Plant Based News recently reported that the BBC removed a documentary on climate change titled Meat: A Threat To Our Planet. This was done following complaints from the National Farmer’s Union that it “failed to make clear distinctions between grass-fed regenerative beef farming in the U.K and cattle ranching in the Amazon.”

Regenerative grazing and holistic management got attention after a Ted Talk in 2013 during which Alan Savory presented his view that these techniques could reverse climate change and desertification. His talk went viral with millions of views. Yet the evidence is strong that grass-fed regenerative farming does not live up to the claims made by its proponents.

At, we strive to present information in a way useful for advocacy—concisely, factually, convincingly and without hyperbole. We have two articles related to this topic which will help you counter false claims.

—Grazing Fact Sheet:

—Grass-fed article:

The Grass-Fed article counters not only the claims made for sustainability, but also the claims for humane treatment of grazed animals and health benefits to humans.

While the case for animal rights and veganism should be focused on the ethics of exploiting animals, we feel that it’s important to counter misinformation in other areas such as sustainability and human health.