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Rough notes, mostly from Peace by Vegan

Summary =

  • Awareness
    • Would you like to know what we're doing here?"
    • Answer: What we are doing is that we are showing what happens behind the scenes of the meat, dairy and egg industries and other industries that exploit animals.
    • Discuss footage, "for example..."
  • Qualification
    • How does the make you feel?
    • What's the deeply held underlying personal value you hold that makes this unacceptable?
    • Seeing this, is this something that you would want to take a stand against or do something about?"
  • Call to Action
    • What do you think you could do to take a stand against this suffering?"
    • Lead them to say 'because people buy it. Supply and demand.'
      • If we peel it back then, what allows the industry to do this year after year in the first place? Why are they bred into existence, mutilated, abused, and then slaughtered after living only a fraction of their natural lifespan?"
    • That being the case, if this happens because people buy those products, then what is one thing you could do in your life, what could you personally do to take a stand against this suffering?"
    • Ever heard of veganism?
    • Any of your friends or family vegan?
    • Is there anything that would prevent you from going vegan?
    • A1 Would you like to know what we're doing here? Yes A2, otherwise A3
    • A2 We are showing what happens behind...; For example... (discuss what's on screen); A3
    • A3 Have you ever seen this kind of footage before?