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  1. Template:Jfa-meta‏‎ (used on 89 pages)
  2. Template:Jfa-share‏‎ (used on 75 pages)
  3. Template:Jfa-start‏‎ (used on 69 pages)
  4. Template:Jfa-toc‏‎ (used on 57 pages)
  5. Template:Jfa-top‏‎ (used on 47 pages)
  6. Template:Jfa-expand‏‎ (used on 26 pages)
  7. Template:Jfa-expand-end‏‎ (used on 26 pages)
  8. Template:Jfa-outline‏‎ (used on 24 pages)
  9. Template:Extension DPL‏‎ (used on 19 pages)
  10. Template:Jfa-note‏‎ (used on 13 pages)
  11. Template:Jfa-note-end‏‎ (used on 13 pages)
  12. Template:Jfa-plaintext-factsheet‏‎ (used on 11 pages)
  13. In reply to: Do not force your values on me; what I eat is a personal choice‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  14. In reply to: With all the problems in the world, we should spend our time helping humans first, then animals‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  15. In reply to: Eating animal products is our tradition; it has been a part of our culture and a way of living for hundreds of years‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  16. In reply to: Eating animals is natural; animals eat animals, it is part of the circle of life, and we are apex predators on top of the food chain‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  17. In reply to: God gave us dominion over the animals and put them here for us to eat, and the Bible condones eating them‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  18. In reply to: Humans have souls; animals do not‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  19. In reply to: I am only one person; I cannot make a difference‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  20. In reply to: I cannot afford to be vegan; it is too expensive‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  21. Veganism‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  22. Getting Started with Going Vegan‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  23. In reply to: If we all go vegan, farm animals will either overrun the world or become extinct‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  24. In reply to: Plants are sentient and have feelings too‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  25. In reply to: Protein is a problem for vegans‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  26. In reply to: There are no true vegans. Animal products are in car tires and everywhere‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  27. In reply to: Veganism would devastate the economy and cause massive unemployment‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  28. In reply to: A vegan diet is not for everyone; it made me sick‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  29. In reply to: We give farmed animals their lives, protect them, and give their lives meaning, for which they should be grateful‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  30. Template:Jfa-highlight‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  31. In reply to: B12 is a problem for vegans, so a vegan diet is not natural‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  32. In reply to: We need animal products to be healthy‏‎ (used on 7 pages)
  33. In reply to: Humans are natural omnivores; we digest meat, have canine teeth, and have front-facing eyes‏‎ (used on 6 pages)
  34. In reply to: It is OK to eat animals that have been treated well; I only eat certified humane, pasture-raised, cage-free, free-range products‏‎ (used on 6 pages)
  35. Helpful Resources‏‎ (used on 6 pages)
  36. Honey, Bees, and Pollination‏‎ (used on 6 pages)
  37. Embed:Animal protein risks‏‎ (used on 6 pages)
  38. Cattle‏‎ (used on 5 pages)
  39. Chickens‏‎ (used on 5 pages)
  40. Circuses‏‎ (used on 5 pages)
  41. Grass Fed‏‎ (used on 5 pages)
  42. Pigs‏‎ (used on 5 pages)
  43. Wool‏‎ (used on 5 pages)
  44. Embed:Humane labels and certifications meaningless‏‎ (used on 5 pages)
  45. Embed:Injustices because commodities‏‎ (used on 5 pages)
  46. Embed:Collapse extra - suggested script for discussing humane labels and certifications‏‎ (used on 5 pages)
  47. Embed:Humane label GAP‏‎ (used on 4 pages)
  48. Fish‏‎ (used on 4 pages)
  49. Embed:Humane label certified humane‏‎ (used on 4 pages)
  50. Starvation, Hunger, and Impoverishment‏‎ (used on 4 pages)

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