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Sysadmin:Sysadmin Info

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To Do

  • Write instructions for backing up database via ssh into [root]/jfa/backups/db with date suffix "-yyyy-mm-dd". See below howtos.
  • Write and install cron job to backup database daily into [root]/jfa/backups/db with date suffix "-yyyy-mm-dd".
  • Setup cache, use memcache? $wgMainCacheType =
  • Setup email on jfawiki provisional production.

Handy Links

How To


>ssh >cd /home/gregfuller/webapps/jfawiki/ (for

Dump XML pages

>cd /home/gregfuller/webapps/jfawiki/maintenance >php72 dumpBackup.php --current >/home/gregfuller/webapps/jfawiki/jfa/backups/xml/jfawikidump-yyyy-mm-dd.xml FTP the file down to localhost

Database Backup and Restore

Backup Dababase into [root]/jfa/backups/db

Use mysqldump to back up the database. Do not use phpMyAdmin to backup the database

Change directory to jfa/backups/db so the dump will go into this directory, or change the command below

mysqldump -h localhost -u dbuser -p --default-character-set=binary dbname > dbname-mysqldump-YYYY-MM-DD.sql

For production

dbname is jfawiki and the user is jfawiki.

For dev

dbname is djfawiki and the user is djfawiki

See this:

Preparing the Database Dump for import

If you do not do this step before importing, you will get

"ERROR 1227 (42000) at line 1909: Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation

You must remove the "DEFINER=" statement from the dump—each entire line. You can do this with a text editor, or with a sed:

sed 's/\sDEFINER=`[^`]*`@`[^`]*`//g' -i oldfile.sql

This is untried, and comes from here:

Migrating a Database from Production to Development

Here is a sample sequence for the common activity of dumping the production database and loading into the development database. Never go in the opposite direction! (unless it's an emergency situation) You will need the production database password and the development database password to perform these tasks. The "--default-character-set=binary" parameter on the dump is critical.

Note: The production database is named jfawiki and the development database is named djfawiki.


  • Change directory to where you want the sql dump to go (here it's put it in the development site for more convenient FTP downloading)
    • >cd /home/gregfuller/webapps/djfawiki/jfa/backups/db
  • Backup the production database
    • >mysqldump -h localhost -u jfawiki --password=thePRODUCTIONdbpassword --default-character-set=binary jfawiki > jfawiki-mysqldump-YYYY-MM-DD.sql
  • Fix the sql dump file
    • >sed 's/\sDEFINER=`[^`]*`@`[^`]*`//g' -i jfawiki-mysqldump-YYYY-MM-DD.sql
  • Restore into DEVELOPMENT
    • >mysql -u djfawiki --password=theDEVELOPMENTdbpassword djfawiki < jfawiki-mysqldump-YYYY-MM-DD.sql

Configure the Parsoid Server for the Visual Editor

Place this in the LocalSettings.php file:

$wgVirtualRestConfig['modules']['parsoid'] = array (
   'url' => '',

Move [root]/jfa/backups offsite