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Wiki Go-Live Announcement (2019-08-19)

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We are excited to announce that the animal rights and vegan community now has a wiki. The JFA Wiki is live at Existing articles have been migrated to the new wiki.

With this change, the mission of Justice for Animals has expanded to provide a collaborative, encyclopedic, evidence-based body of knowledge useful for animal rights and vegan advocacy—and for those who just want to explore these topics.

The site already has a lot of useful information, the most important being talking points for replying to common objections. But a wiki takes an encyclopedic approach, which calls for articles on a wide range of related topics. For the JFA Wiki, this means topics that are useful for animal rights and vegan advocacy as well as information that is helpful for living vegan.

Our expanded mission and collaborative platform offer you a unique opportunity to contribute to the movement by lending your writing skills, your research skills, and your specialized knowledge. You also have a chance to grow with us and become a trusted contributor, moderator, or editor, as explained below. We hope you will participate, and we can't wait to see your contributions. To get started, see Help:Writing and Editing for the JFA Wiki.

We are using the same software as Wikipedia, and like Wikipedia, we allow anyone to author and edit content. But unlike Wikipedia, articles on this site will be moderated to ensure they are written without the prevailing assumption that exploiting animals is acceptable. And just to be clear, Justice for Animals is an animal rights organization, not an animal welfare organization.

For those who have been using the site, existing content has been migrated to the new platform. Articles that were in the Basics Section on the old site can now be found in the Beginner Listing, and those in the Objections Section are now in the Replies Listing.