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This assignment is a work in process and not ready to be assigned. Assignments are moved to the draft namespace after an author has accepted the assignment.

<-- Visible editorial notes appear between <-- and --> tags. You can delete them after you start on a section or you can hide them by using the standard notation for comments, adding an exclamation mark: "<!-- note goes here -->." They should be deleted, hidden or not, before the pre-publication review. The author should delete this particular one after reading it. -->

<-- As always, information is to be presented as summarized as possible. Use the most credible and most convincing sources for each section. Then perhaps include final paragraph in the section such as: "Other studies that have produced similar findings include study a[1], study b[2], and study c[3].



  • summarize what we are showing (see the Wool Introduction for an idea)
  • express the idea that your mileage may vary
  • whatever else


Leading Authorities Weigh In (need better section title?)

<-- Use authoritative experts:

  • recognizable institutions (Mayo Clinic)
  • dietary associations
  • organizations with powerful names (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)
  • individuals with extraordinary credentials in a related field that can be named, i.e. "Dr. Jane Doe, past president of the American Heart Association, said that...." Try to avoid using individuals with names that are not recognizable to the general public unless they have powerfully convincing credentials in the pertinent field.



<-- discuss research studies -->

<-- Summarize each study or pertinent finding in a study in the most convincing manner without hyperbole or misrepresentation. -->


<-- Discuss programs or initiatives -


  • Programs related to the condition or disease are best: i.e. Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease
  • Other programs that produced results for the condition: i.e. Plant Pure Nation jumpstarts


Debunkery (need better section title?)

<-- this is where you debunk popular authors' works that lack credibility, studies that people may have seen in the press that are not scientifically sound, studies that have some credibility but were interpreted incorrectly by their authors or by the press.


Even though testimonials are anecdotal and should not be confused with scientific evidence, we are including a few of them here because it's good to see real people getting results.

<-- relate 3 or 4 testimonials with links to more, or where you can find more -->

See Also

<-- Add a few evidence-based outside sources that seem particularly apt to you. --:>



This article was originally authored by ???, with contributions by Greg Fuller. The contents may have been edited since that time by others.

<--Other Editorial Notes

  • What have I left out? * Does there need to be additional sections, or maybe another structure is better; this is not written in stone—ping your editor.
  • The following is not the responsibility of the author but could be done by the author. It is put here as a reminder:
    • After this article is complete, a search needs to be made of the word "hypertension" and these words need to be linked to this article with "[[Vegan Diet | vegan diet]]".


<-- This assignment contains text to be included in the article, which are not editorial notes, and which will not count as words contributed by the author for payment purposes -->