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  1. A Welcome to Our New Author Bethany Chester (2019-10-17)
  2. All Articles Listing
  3. Animal Rights Books with Three Recommendations (2020-04-07)
  4. Archives Listing
  5. Beginner Listing
  6. Blog Posts Listing
  7. Cattle
  8. Chickens
  9. Choline
  10. Circuses
  11. Contact Us
  12. Drafts Listing
  13. Fact Sheets Listing
  14. Fish
  15. Getting Started with Going Vegan
  16. Grass Fed
  17. Grazing
  18. Help Pages Listing
  19. Helpful Resources
  20. Honey, Bees, and Pollination
  21. In reply to: A vegan diet is not for everyone; it made me sick
  22. In reply to: B12 is a problem for vegans, so a vegan diet is not natural
  23. In reply to: Do not force your values on me; what I eat is a personal choice
  24. In reply to: Eating animal products is our tradition; it has been a part of our culture and a way of living for hundreds of years
  25. In reply to: Eating animals is natural; animals eat animals, it is part of the circle of life, and we are apex predators on top of the food chain
  26. In reply to: God gave us dominion over the animals and put them here for us to eat, and the Bible condones eating them
  27. In reply to: Humans are natural omnivores; we digest meat, have canine teeth, and have front-facing eyes
  28. In reply to: Humans have souls; animals do not
  29. In reply to: I am only one person; I cannot make a difference
  30. In reply to: I cannot afford to be vegan; it is too expensive
  31. In reply to: If we all go vegan, farm animals will either overrun the world or become extinct
  32. In reply to: It is OK to eat animals that have been treated well; I only eat certified humane, pasture-raised, cage-free, free-range products
  33. In reply to: Plants are sentient and have feelings too
  34. In reply to: Protein is a problem for vegans
  35. In reply to: There are no true vegans. Animal products are in car tires and everywhere
  36. In reply to: Veganism would devastate the economy and cause massive unemployment
  37. In reply to: We give farmed animals their lives, protect them, and give their lives meaning, for which they should be grateful
  38. In reply to: We need animal products to be healthy
  39. In reply to: With all the problems in the world, we should spend our time helping humans first, then animals
  40. JFA Wiki Home Page
  41. Justice for Animals - Outreach
  42. Mission and Guiding Principles (2018-01-15)
  43. Notes Listing
  44. Outlines as Study Notes (2019-03-09)
  45. Outreach Cards
  46. Outreach Organization Features the JFA Wiki on Their Handout Cards (2019-08-21)
  47. Oxford Study 2018: Reducing foods environmental impacts through producers and consumers
  48. Pigs
  49. Regenerative Grazing and Grass-Fed Claims (2020-10-30)
  50. Replies Listing

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